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Hummus Plus Chicken: Revolutionizing Snacking with Lifestyle Power

Hummus Plus is on a mission to provide quick and easy protein-packed meals and healthy snacks inspired by the Mediterranean diet for people on-the-go. Every day, the brand honors a commitment to simplicity and wholesomeness made to fuel active and busy lifestyles.

Hummus Plus is convenient, on-the-go, and satisfying, with each of the Hummus Plus flavors crafted to provide the protein-power needed at lunch, during that rare break at work, before or after the gym, or just during that moment of “me” time. The 6 and 8-oz. offerings deliver up to 28 grams of protein and 12 grams of fiber into one perfect on-the-go meal solution. The recently-launched Hummus Plus Chicken 4-oz. package is a game-changer in portable, no-mess, nutritious and delicious snacking.

About Pure Mediterranean Foods

Pure Mediterranean Foods is a holding company owned by the Parthenis family that builds and invests in high-quality ethnic food and beverage companies. Led by Peter Parthenis Jr., President and CEO, Pure Mediterranean Foods has a proven track record of providing the support needed for food service companies to achieve their growth potential.