Our Story

Pure Mediterranean Foods®

Pure Mediterranean Foods is a holding company owned by the Parthenis family that invests in high-quality ethnic food & beverage companies. We are a family committed to healthy and wholesome niche products. Lead by Peter Parthenis Jr., President & CEO, we have a proven track record of providing the support needed for food service companies to achieve their growth potential. We have an entrepreneurial spirit, a talented team, financial expertise, extensive food industry knowledge and strategic thinking. We understand the dynamics of family businesses. Trust our family to help your company reach its full potential.


In this, our second year, Hummus Plus is on a mission to provide quick and easy protein-packed meals and healthy snacks inspired by the Mediterranean diet for the family on the go. Every day we honor a commitment to simplicity and wholesomeness made to fuel your active lifestyle. What sets us apart is our connection with our customers and our ability to create great tasting new products that fit into your hectic schedule. We are convenient, on-the-go, and satisfying, with each of our five Hummus Plus flavors crafted to provide the protein-power needed at lunch or dinner, during that rare break at work, before or after the gym, or just during that moment of “me” time. Hummus Plus comes from a family committed to better eating. Hummus Plus is Lifestyle Power®.